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I have an 3 pc with two 1gb sticks, that is the max allowed according to the manufacturer. i bought a 2gb of the same type for a different pc. i tried it in the 3year old first, replacing one of the 1gb. The 3gb was recognized in the bios and in the system info.

I talked to the manufacturer and they said using more than the max allowed could cause hardware conflicts. I upgraded to 7 32bit from Vista. Would 3gb installed really cause problems?
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  1. I doubt it if you do not notice from the start.
  2. Generally the max you should put in a given Memory slot is the max stated by MB manuf.
    However say the max was listed as 1 gig per slot, it is possible that a bios update increased that to 2 gigs per slot. Normally the Bios will not recognize memory higher than that supported.

    Down load Prime 95, install and run for a Min of 4 hours to see if stable, better stability check would be 8 hrs - If no memory errors you should be fine. Monitor your cpu temps for 15 min to ensure not over heating (not a memory problem, would be a CPU cooling problem) then check temps at 30 min intervals for first couple of hours, or until they stablize.

    XP, Vista, Win 7 32 bit all will see upto 4 gigs, when 4 gigs are installed only about 3 -> 3.5 Gigs will be available for Operating system/programs. 3 Gigs, as long as not memory issues with prime 95 - no problem.
  3. I did the test. No errors or warnings were found. The high the core temp got to was 64c. 15 min after stopping the test, it was down to 35c idle and 30min's was still at 35c
  4. Sounds good to me, and does not sound like you have a hardware conflict., should not be a problem.
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