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I just got my CPU and I installed it but when i tried to boot it it said Reeboot and select proper boot device. I went into BIOS and the first first couple times it did notice my HDD. but after a couple of attempts it stopped reading the HDD at all. I tried putting in the windows CD and fiddling around with the bios but with the same results. I'm not sure if the hard drive works to start with and I don't have any test systems. If I get a new Hard drive will this problem be fixed or is there anything else that could be going wrong. All help is really appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. No its a new build.
  2. I'm pretty sure its a dead HDD because the hardrive isn't even booting and makes no sounds at all.
  3. How old is the hard drive? Is it still under warranty?
  4. I trashed the broken hard drive and bought a brand new hard drive but the exact same message came up then later it started saying NTLDR is missing hit CTRL ALT DEL to restart computer then when I restart the same exact message pops up again. I don't have any windows CD's because this is my first build do I need to buy one? Thanks.
  5. Yes, buy the disk as this will make the process easier and you have the media in case you decide to reformat later or just want to start over.
  6. I don't have a sata dvd drive currently installed in my PC can i use a usb DVD drive to boot? Is there a difference
  7. According to the Microsoft site you can use an external drive to install to a netbook so I would give it a try on the desktop.
    I've heard it can be done if your BIOS will allow you to boot from a USB device.
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