Is acer aspire one d270 10" compatile with windows 8

hi is it possible to upgrade graphics card in acer aspire one d270 and is this model copatible with windows 8
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  1. A netbook? I would said no and no.
  2. Disadvantages of branded system: Branded systems only give 1year warenty,Assembled system give 3years warenty (2year extra warenty compare to branded).
    branded systems give limits for users examples: 1:limited sata ports ,2:low space for extra hdds ,3:upgrade processor also not supported (many processors) because of branded system bios. 4:upgrading gpu also not supported (many gpus )because of branded systems psu and bios limitations. 5:if u r linux user don't spend money for ms os and softwares. etc.....
  3. It support win 8.
  4. hytecgowthaman said:
    It support win 8.

    I have installed windows 8 on my acer aspire one netbook,,, everything seems fine. it boots very quickly,,,but the issue is that, all the default windows apps are not says resolution is too low to open this app,, if you know about this please tell how to solve this problem.
  5. hytecgowthaman said:
    It support win 8.

    dear, i want to format my acer aspire d 270 laptop to windows 8... please tell me whether is it compitible with windows 8 or not ...?? and tell me how to find drivers to windows 8...
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