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Power Supply Issue

At random times my computer will literally shut down. It doesn't blue screen or anything, just goes dark. Very similar to what it would be like if you unplugged it from the wall while it was still running. I'm wondering if this is the computer overheating, or if it is my power supply failing.


nVidia 250 GTS 1024 mb GPU
Intel Core 2 quad processor
Asus P5N-D Motherboard
320 gb Western Digital HDD
2x disk drives
Windows 7 Professional
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  1. Do you know what power supply you have?
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    Ancientfire said:
    I'm wondering if this is the computer overheating, or if it is my power supply failing.
    The simple answer is "yes", one of those two is the most likely culprit.

    Download CPUID's Hardware Monitor (to report core and gpu temps), Furmark (to stress the gpu), and Prime95 (to stress the cpu, and test memory issues as well).

    Start with Furmark, watching gpu temps and see if they become problematic. Then Prime95 (make sure "detect rounding errors" is checked), watching core temps.

    If gpu or core temps get too high, you've identified the culprit. If Prime95 fails due to an error, rerum it with one stick of memory at a time to try and find a bad memory stick.

    Let us know what you find.
  3. Clean out and reseat the CPU HSF. Make sure to clean out the old thermal paste and apply new stuff. If it still happens then I would try a new PSU.
  4. what exact psu do you have?
  5. I had a 680 watt Sunbeam psu. I don't remember the exact model number.

    Anyway I ended up taking the advice of a friend of mine (computer engineer) which was to upgrade to a new power supply, which i would've had to do anyway if i wanted to upgrade anything else. I now have an Ultra X4 1050 watt modular power supply, and the computer hasn't had this issue.

    Thanks for all the advice everyone
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  7. ewwww-sunbeam lol that psu is probably old design so you proabably had very little amperage on 12v rail where modern components draw from, besdies its a lousy psu anyway :)
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