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Hi All

I would like to get your opinions for a mid 2010 Photoshop Workstation (a year on from the article posted by Kopykat on 13th April 09).

I have the following bits I'd like to reuse:
- Cintiq21UX + Dell 30inch 3008WFP
- Nvidia Quadro FX3800

I would like the following features
- 64bit Windows 7
- Expandable RAM capability with the motherboard
- Quiet environment!!.. Don't want to hear fans whining.

I would like some guidance on the following.

Motherboard with SPDIF interface so I can reuse my Digital speakers?
Dual HDD's (envisage a smallish/fast HDD for Drive C and OS plus 1TB none RAID for Drive D,.....I have a network RAID for backup and longer term storage).
power supply
Sensible Quiet case, (don't need exotic kryptonic metal than glows green when tickled with a ruby laser!)

My ideal budget would be around $1000 which am thinking should be doable given no display or video card is required, but am willing to review ROI for investing more.

Any useful pointers would be gratefully received.

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