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Hey guys, I'm building my first pc and I have a question regarding a wireless card. So basically: I plan on getting a motherboard (Link) with 2 PCIe slots (1 is x16, the other x8), and I plan on using only a single Video card (An MSI gtx560ti). I also plan on getting a PCIe Wireless card (Link).

My question is, if I put the PCIe wireless card into the second PCIe slot (the x8), will I have to worry about bandwidth issues?
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    No problem.
    The PCIex16 interface for your graphics card can move 6.4GBs
    The PCIex1 wireless card will likely use no more than 200mb in each direction per second.
  2. Don't put the wireless card into the PCIe x8 slot, use the x1 slot. Yes, it would reduce the bandwidth of the x16 slot, and no, that wouldn't be a huge issue.
  3. Thanks! All I needed to know!
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