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Hey all, first time here. I'd really like some help, this is pretty confusing and I dont know exactly where the problem is with my display. Firstly, for reference I have a Nvidia Geforce 275 GTX and a flatscreen Samsung SyncMaster 2343bw and its hooked up with DVI so its on digital mode.

The problem is sometimes like if the power goes out, or I need to reset my PC because it froze or something, the monitor gets stuck in standby mode, usually I can fix it by turning off the power to the PC and plugging out the monitor until the blinking light goes off. Then plug everything back in and turn on the PC first, then the monitor then it works again and when its working it does so flawlessly. So I dont think any thing is broken per se.

Thanks for any help
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  1. I wonder if you have low wattage problem at your house. Do you have your system on a power fuse strip? Sometimes you need to turn off the power supply swith to reload the BIOS when you have a power outage. Something could be friend as well. It's a toughie without looking at it in person.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Im not sure if there is a low wattage problem in my house, but I do have my PC and monitor and some other stuff pluged into one of those surge protecting Power Strips. Though the power does not go out randomly or anything, it goes out during storms sometimes, and my PC doesnt freeze all the time so its not a huge huge problem, but considering it happens, I figured it'd be a good idea to figure out why since sometimes these things can be bigger problems then you realize.
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