Help with upgrading hardware pegatron truckee ul8e

i have a pre-built hp with a pegatron truckee ul8e motherboard. i currently have a nvid gtx 260 in it but i want to upgrade it with a gtx 470 or 480 ( is this possible ). also i know my power supply is not good enough what kind should i get. also would i be able to reconstruct all of it in this case
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  1. all the GTX 470's & 480's are 2.0 cards so if you can run the GTX 260, you can run the others

    for PSU; Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, XFX all sell very good units. BFG and OCZ sell solid units at moderate prices. The exact unit you need would depend on the video card you select.

    the case you linked will fit the video cards but why not get an Antec 300 or CM centurion and spend the saved money on a new mobo?
  2. if i saved the money and bought a new mobo what would you sugest?
  3. I have the same issue and have spent a lot of time with HP. It seems that the motherboard is quite a weak motherboard (cheap you know). The mobo is a microATX (at least mATX) mobo which is supposed to take any ATX power supply as long as it has the connectors. That's the research I've found weather it is correct or not, I don't know. Supposedly this mobo only supports up to 600 Watt PSU... that's what HP said but I am not sure why that would be..... I have put a Thermaltake 850 and the computer will turn off after 30 seconds and keep rebooting on the 30 sec loop without even sending a signal to the screen. So it gets stuck for some reason in the BIOS and/or CMOS and there is no real way around it I guess... Sucky. So I am at the point of trying to get by with a 600 Watt unit but I may up it first to see if it works and work my way down to 600 if even that works with this mobo. I am trying to keep the mobo so i can keep HP's RTM version of Windows as I like their integrated softwares etc. and upgrading the mobo will forever un HP your computer. Stuck in a rut for sure..
  4. Same issue here, 950W PSU is not compliant to this sucky mobo.

    Same symptom in my case: the machine keeps rebooting without any monitor output or beep.
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