Crossfire x - 2 x 4870 1gb Flickering In Game

Hello - just got my new 4870 1gb ddr5 to add to my first one.
THey are matching, both sapphire 4870 1 gb ddr5, and I tested each one in each pci-e slot to make sure they both run sepeartely.

The problem is, I have them bridged and I get texture flickering in game.
The only game I have installed so far is Team Fortress 2.
I have read elsewhere about the flickering, and there seems to be random solutions and random problems.

I am using catalyst 10.5 with app profiles installed.
Neither card is overclocked.
I have low temps idle and in game (idleing at 44 and 48 and gaming at 60 and 64 per card).
I have tried and installed drivers with 1 bridge installed and reinstalled with 2 bridges - no difference.
I have turned run 3d with app control, tried it with ccc controled af/aa, tried it with catalyst AI off, standard and advanced - no difference.
I have bios graphics options to AUTO (also tried FAST and TURBO.

Crossfire x is enabled and I am seeing some minor performance gain over 1 card in team fortress 2, so I am definitely getting juice from both cards.

Anyone know how to solve this?

My motherboard is a gigabyte X48-DQ6 with both pci-e slots @ 2.0 running at x16 while in crossfire mode.
My powersupply is more than beefy enough and a top-tier brand/model.
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  1. I figured I'd post in here too instead of creating another thread.
    But I've just about had it with my 4870 cards too, but before I settle for my reliable, quieter, cooler GTX 260... hopefully someone can help me out. I'm running two identical 4870 512mb in crossfire and here are my computer specs:
    - core i7 860
    - MSI P55-GD41 mobo
    - 4gb DDR3 1333mhz
    - Corsair HX650W PSU
    - Acer H233H monitor

    I've tried Bad Company 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and NBA 2K10. Every game experiences terrible screen flickering/tearing. I have confirmed that Crossfire is enabled. I have also confirmed that both cards are in good working order.
    After countless hours of searching for a solution, I've pretty much tried it all... uninstall/reinstall the latest drivers, v-sync, catalyst AI, switching Crossfire bridges, etc. I also tried just running a single 4870 card and the screen flickering/tearing is still present, though there is less of it. Initially, my 3dmark06 score was 18,255, but now my computer will crash after the 1st test. I'm pretty sure that cooling is not a factor, my GPU temps are also fairly low (in ATI standards...) at about high 40s to low 50s at idle and not much more than 70 at load.
  2. I've reinstalled windows with 2 bridges and 1 bridge now, just to check - no difference.

    I also moved one card to primary and the other to the 2nd pci-e slot to see if it mattered - it didn't.

    This is a BIG letdown. Now for TF2, I'm back playing with just one card enabled.
    Guess Crossfire and dual grfx setups aren't worth the money.
  3. I've moved on... just listed my 4870s on ebay and threw my GTX 260 back into my rig.

    I've already given up on AMD because of their overheating, poor battery life, and inferior processing power in several laptops I've owned. Seeing how common this problem seems to be with ATI cards and ATI's inability to provide a simple solution, I don't think I'll ever consider another AMD/ATI product. :ange:
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