Upgrading a Dell 540 Desktop

I have had a Dell 540 with a 350 watt PSU (everything else is standard) for a while now and am looking to throw an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card into it. I called Dell to see what my options were to upgrade my PSU to support my new card. Dell told me that 350w is the best my motherboard can handle and anything with high watts would be incompatible.

Also, I just learned of the existence of Dedicated Graphics Card Power Supplies...

So my questions are:
Is Dell full of crap?
Can a ATI Radeon HD 5770 fit in my system?
Would a dedicated Graphics Card Power Supply work to solve my needs?
Does a dedicated Graphics Card Power Supply add to the watts of power the motherboard has to handle or if it is separate?

If anyone has anything to share please PLEASE let me know. Dell's suggestion was to buy a whole new computer.... lets prove that Indian "help desk" wrong!
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  1. dont call DELL for support, their "support" people are trained to help DELL not you. Their answers fall into two categories "buy a DELL product" or "don't you F-ing dare open up your PC!"

    the answer is your DELL PC can handle just about any ATX PSU out there but the 350w unit is actually very solid and can run the ATI 5770. The DELL 350w peaks above 350w and has more amps on its 12v then a lot of 400-450w units.
  2. thank you so much. i will go ahead with the 5770 purchase. If it does turn out that I still need more power (the 5770 draws up to 250 watts during 3d loading) should i buy a $20 5.5 bay psu for more power or just get a new regular PSU? Thanks again for the help!
  3. Hay, i assume you mean a Dell studio 540 desktop.

    I have one, and i've upgraded to a ATI 5770, without a PSU upgrade, it works 100% fine. Buy one, and you will be 100%fine. Hope you enjoy the new card!
    DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, buy a cheap PSU, they will most likely blow up, taking the PSU, and sometimes the entire system!
  4. Hey, I have a Dell studio 540 & installed an ATI Radeon 5770 also. It has seemed to work fine so far except for some overheating problems. After a few hours of gaming, I hear the fans start to crank up, pretty-warm air starts to be blown out the back; the hottest air is coming from the power supply. I think it could be because of the factory 350w PSU. I'm thinking of upgrading it. Does anyone know if a Corsair 750w will fit in my Studio 540? Or have any other recommendations about the solving the overheating issue ??

    Here's the PSU link

    I'm going to continue upgrading components & case in the future instead of buying a new PC that's why I was thinking 750w

    Much Appreciated.
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