I need sum help with this build pls

Hi All, Next week I will be buying components for my PC. Questions first.
1. Only ever used XP Pro, now SP3, So XP Pro has trouble running online gaming period. Leave's Windows 7. But which version? I have been shopping round online, I'm assuming I would buy the one that has OEM in title? Possibly 32bit? Some of the newer games coming out, you need 3-4 GB just to run them not including ongoing patches, and a really quick GPU.
Here's what the situation is:
Spend is at the utmost $1100 AUD including O/S.
Already have: Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard and mouse.
Really enjoyed reading forums on AMD Phenom II x4 Quad 965, the OC that was spoken of was interesting not for me at this stage, easy on me.
That CPU I definitely would like, other fave products: Thermaltake VH6000BWS or VH8000BWS very sweet features and the toolkit is nifty. In the future I'd like to put liquid cooling in add more GPUs. I was also impressed by the Antec 600 Full-Tower, again similarly to thermaltake's case they are both roomy for expansions in the future. Small request please be mindful my knowledge base is small on this subject, so please try to speak in layman's terms as much as you can for me. Thank you to everyone that helps / advices me here, muchly appreciated. :pt1cable:
P.S Light up the Christmas tree favorite color is Blue.
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  1. I would say some peeps are mislead about OC/cooling when they have not settled the GPU with enuff teeth and a dependable 80+ PSU to power the rig 1st. No way is a heavily OCed high end chip with fancy H2O paired with a half assed GPU ever gonna be a serious gaming rig so my $0.02 is zoom in at the GPU/PSU for your desired resolution/settings that you would game on. That would give you best results on a fixed amount of $$ Even something as humble as a AthlonII X3 is fine for purely games currently while for Win 7 no point going anything cept the 64 bit versions (Home Premium is fine)
  2. xp pro shouldn't have any effect on gaming performance. just dont get xp x64 because there are alot of drivers that aren't available for 64 bit xp.

    Windows 7 is definitely better but xp pro is fine if you already have it and want to save some money.
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