Track Message USB Mouse & Keyboard Not working-during boot & Desktop

I've Removed internal keyboard and touch pad connection cause these aren't working properly. Keyboard was AUTOTyping, keys are missing n also i rip apart plastic underneath keys. And touch pad making cursor run in the direction where i don't wanna go. :pt1cable:

So, I open full laptop and remove internal cord where keyboard and touch pad are attached. This laptop has only USB ports for external device to use so I bought USB mouse & keyboard. Attached them and it worked like charm. I used it for 3-4 month ( can't remember exactly) without any problem.

But, Suddenly, few days ago mouse cursor stopped moving. :ouch: I checked mouse with other computer mouse is ok. Then i tried to setup windows. God I noticed then I can't access to boot mode cause Keyboard not working either. :o It boots directly to desktop. Keyboard also doesn't work in desktop. Cause num lock light is not responding.

Condition of internal keyboard: is very very f****d up. :??: i can not connect it now. Cause i ripped every keys apart and underneath plastic.

I think THIS time i really messed up something. Somebody pls help. :hello:

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  1. You either need to pay someone to repair it or buy a new laptop. In all honesty, getting that level of damage professionally repaired would cost almost as much as buying a new one.
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