Silverstone Raven rvo2 case mod suggestions

I'm doing a new computer build that I'm going to try and sell. As of right now, I'm using the CM storm sniper case for my main rig right now. I ordered a silverstone raven rvo2 case to replace my old CM storm sniper so I can use the storm sniper to house all my other components for my other computer build.

I love doing mods, and I was wondering what kind of mods could I do to this case?

These are my specs if they are useful for anything.

CPU: I7 930 @4.0ghz
CPU cooler: Tunic Tower extreme 120.
Graphics Card: ATI 5870
PSU: Corsair TX650
mobo: P6X58D-E
Memory: XMS3 corsair 1600
2 cold cathodes, blue.
one, 1TB HDD.

28inch Hanns-g, and a 21inch AOC monitors.

Thats about it I think. Tell me what you guys think I should do with this case. Bye Bye Storm Sniper!
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  1. Well the first thing you should do is check what kind of 180mm fans you have. If they are the AP fans then your lucky, if they aren't you should buy two:

    The video will help show it, but the advantage is a more focuses stream of air which helps push the hot air out of the top of the case. I've seen people get 10c+ improvements with AP fans.

    Another easy one would be to unscrew the window an screw it in with the window on the interior of the case instead of the exterior, if possible, This will make it look much better.

    Since the RV02 is largely plastic, you are limited.

    However there is one mod I've always wanted to see done. It would be awesome if you could fabricate a metal plate and bend it in the shape of the 5.25" bay covers, so that you can replace them with solid piece that would look so much better than the individual slots.

    Either way you should fabricate a stealth drive bay. I'm not sure how it works with the RV2, but you may need to take the faceplate off of your DVD drive (should be easy) and mount one of the 5.25" bay covers to the drive door. You can either have a pressure action for the button, where you press on the cover and it presses the button, or you can just skip it and open the drive through windows, which is what most do. This is a very common and stylish mod.

    That is all I can think of when it comes to real mods, but there are some simple ones. you could cut out extra holes in the motherboard tray for cable management. You could also put a cool custom fan grill, or two, on the top 120mm fan:

    Or the coolest looking ones, though really pricy:

    You could also put some vinyl stickers over certain surfaces, mostly internal, with these:

    You could also add some sound dampening material:

    And probably THE MOST time consuming job would be to custom sleeve all of your cables.

    I recommend you browse MNPCTech and Performance-PCs for some more ideas.
  2. Personally the best mod you can do to a RV02 is buy a FT02 instead. I love the original Raven, but the Raven 2 just doesn't float my boat.

    But a solid front piece on the RV02 (and FT02) will look slick.

    And fully-sleeved cables is a must.
  3. I like the RV02, and if they had mounted the HDDs sideways ala FT02, it woulda been my next case with some AP181s

    AP181s are a MUST!
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