Ati Radeon Hd 4350 Overheating help

Hello,okay so today i turned on my computer after school and went on youtube,facebook and such about an hour and a half latter my computer turns off randomly, i thoght whatever and went down had dinner after dinner i tried playin batman and it instalently shut off and im like wtf i checked the temps in amd overdrive and it said 105 degrees celius and im like HOLY *** and i then turn off my computer and open up my computer and look if somethings wrong but no nothin was atleast i couldnt tell, Now the only thing i did today that i ussally never do is today my psu fan (power supply fan) was really loud and i got mad at my brother for reason unknown so i hit the top of the computer where my psu fan is and it made it quiet now it's still turning but could that be my problem???
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  1. sounds like your PSU fan is slowly dying which will lead to more problems then a hot video card.

    short term; install a side fan to help air move out (or open your case and use a small house fan)

    long term; start shopping for a new PSU
  2. its a good PSU and more then enough for your system, although I would get it here

    this unit may be a better fit in terms of price also

    before you purchase a new PSU though, download HWmonitor and see how your overall temps are doing. If the fan on the PSU goes you need to replace it.
  3. Thanks I would Buy it from newegg but my parents do not allow me to buy online... -.- annoying or whatver but thank you for the help, now i just need money -.-
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