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I have a Dell 170L tower and I noticed it has a 250 watt ATX PSU and it has 16A on +12V. Is this PSU powerfuly enough to run any standard PCI type video cards. The motherboard doesn't have AGP slot so I have to use standard PCI cards. The onboard video chip uses AGP though. I know there is a GeForce 9500 GT 1GB PCI card on Newegg.com but will this PSU be powerful enough? It says it needs a 400 watt and 12V have 18A PSU but I thought that maybe 16A on +12V would work somehow but maybe I just need to upgrade my PSU to a 400 watt or something around there.
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  1. I just need to know forsure if a card like the GeForce 9500 GT will run fine on my Dell 170L machine. If not what is the cheapest PSU I can get that will run it? Will the ones at Ebay that is around $20 will work that is around 400 watts?

    Like will this one run any PCI standard type cards?


    Or do I need the $30 one that is a 500 watt like this one.

  2. 400w is plenty for the 9500gt. Any newer power supply should be fine. I recommend antec, corsair, seasonic, pc power and cooling, ocz, or enermax for quality. Your links don't list the items for sale anymore.
  3. Someone told me that my current one since it has 16A on +12V that it has enough power to power even the GeForce 9500 GT. So even it's 250 watts since the 16A is pretty good for it they said it should run it.

    Here is the 400 watts one


    Here is the 550 watts one I found.

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