Care to share your Thuban Phenom II X6 1055T experiance?

If you havent read this months SBM, then you should.,2700.html

It would be nice to hear from those that have it as well and if you are satisfied with that chip? Is it worth the price and how was availability and what cpu did you replace?

Power, heat and other issues?
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  1. I've got one and like it, though I'll admit I haven't really utilized it fully extensively. Replaced a Athlon II X2 250. My stock volts were outrageous (1.4V, 1.45V w/ Turbo). I've since deactivated turbo and undervolted it across the the board (1.25V at 2.8GHz, 0.75V at 800MHz) so that it now idles near my X2 250's idle wattage (within a few watts) and maxes out near 48C in LinX. In the little multithreaded rendering I do, it was a tremendous improvement. In most other areas the improvement was much smaller.
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    I've just recently built a 1055t system with 8 Gb ddr3 1600 RAM on a 785G chipset for a friend. I found it to be stable up to 3.8 GHz with little V bump, could have probably pushed it more if I had wanted. It didn't get overly hot with an arctic cooler freezer pro 7, but did start to approach the magical 60C mark under prime95. I didn't leave it at this setting for too long for a couple reasons.

    One, I didn't want to burn up his board. It didn't have any mosfet sinks or bells and whistles. Plus, it only had 4 phase power regulation.

    Second, he didn't want it overclocked. I actually ended up undervolting the system quite a bit for him. I can't remember exactly, but as EXT said above, the defaults are rather high! I believe I brought the core voltage down to around 1.25-1.30 volts as well, and the temps stayed below 50 during my prime testing. I didn't need to add any voltage to the NB to make all 8 GB of ram work at 1600 MHz either.

    The best part is, with these specs, I was able to build a system that had 2 Hd's 1055t, 785g (I know, but it wasn't for gaming), 8 GB RAM, some extras, and it idled at about 80 watts! (tested with a 300 W PSU and kill-a-watt).

    I can't remember the load figures, but it wasn't bad at all. He ended up getting a pretty bad a$$ workstation for less than anything he could buy from an OEM company.

    The speed is usually a relative figure. I have a 955BE @ 3.8 GHz so I was able to do a fair comparison between the two machines. I have a better graphics system, but as far as things that required the CPU goes, I couldn't tell much difference. I don't have any programs that would tax a hexacore any more than they will tax my quad. I'm sure if it were the case that I was running massively threaded apps as he does it would make things a little more noticeable.

    However, we are talking about two machines, identical architecture, identical clock speed, equal ram, ect... Fast is fast no matter how you gauge it!
  3. Did you still have Cool n Quiet enabled on his system?
  4. I honestly can't remember at the moment. Sorry
  5. how about for rendering or using 3d studio max?
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