Hdd missing in bios

I built a new computer recently. i have 3 WD hard drives. When i go into bios, it only shows 2, but windows shows all 3. any ideas why bios would not recognize the third one?

system spec:
motherboard: asrock p67 extreme4, bios version P1.60
cpu: i5-2500k
gpu: msi gtx 460 1 gb
psu: xfx 750w black edition
ram: 8gb g.skill ripjaw x ddr3-1600
os: windows 7 home 64bit
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  1. Not really, usually the problem is the other way around windows can not see a HDD that the BIOS sees.
  2. Is one of them > 2.2 TB, by any chance?
  3. nope. a 1 TB and 2x 250GB
  4. And which one is not reported in BIOS?
  5. one of the 250 gb drives. i have tried rearranging the sata connectors. it seems like the bios can only recognize 3 devices at a time. 3 hdds or 2 hdds and my optical drive.
  6. Flash the BIOS to the latest version.
  7. I am having a very similar problem with a board that has both an IDE channel and 4 SATA channels....it seems even though you should be able to see 6 devices, if i use 2 IDE devices, it seems to ignore any SATA device; motherboard is a Biostar N68S+

    In your case, contact the board manuf directly and ask them why; they may give you a BIOS flash downoad- if so, be sure it is actually for your specific BIOS
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