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Hi, i'm pretty new to building computers as I am building my first computer and have a question about the power supply fan. It faces down towards the motherboard and right over the CPU. I read that this type of set up actually raises the ambient temp inside the case, therefore potentially adding more heat to the system. IS this correct?
Too I do have a non stock CPU cooler for the CPU, would the overhead fan on the PSU affect the coolers performance?
For this situation what would be the best placement for fans to circulate air? (As i have room on the back of the case for a 90mm fan and room on the front for two 90mm fans. Would there be an ideal modification I could make to help air flow?)
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    That is incorrect, the fan on the PSU exhausts air from the system, it does not blow air into the case. Since it pulls air out of the case it actually helps the cooler by pulling the hotter air away from it.

    How many 90mm fans do you have? generally doing exhausts first on the top and back then doing intakes on the front and sides seems to work best, but if you have a couple play around with their configuration and see what works best in your case.
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