Your gaming rigs cooling

are you gamers air or water cooled.

was reading about water cooling and it looks like only overclockers do it but i don't see any major advantages to games so i just figured id ask (300 + bucks added to a vid card or processor instead of radiators and pipes sounds better to me)
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  1. noctua d-14 FTW
  2. air for me but i am looking into water.

    cooler master hyper 212 plus for now
  3. Usually air is perfectly sufficient, even with performance parts that run hot.

    Obviously, if I had tons of money to blow, water would be ultimate... but there are so many great air cooling solutions out. Many CPU and GPU overclocking limits can be reached easily on air... so the need for water isn't there.

    For example: Say an i7's limit is 4.2GHz, usually you could reach this with a top notch air cooler as well, so water cooling would be overkill in terms of overclocking headroom.

    Because water runs cool and consistent though, you can often squeeze a bit more out of your system. It would actually increase efficiency slightly too. Not to mention water cooling solutions offer the sound of silence... which is always welcome.

    Price/Performance isn't worth it to me right now though.
  4. I use the H50 for CPU cooling. imo it's kinda of like a hybrid because its closed loop, requires no maintenance, and is on par with air cooling in terms of performance
  5. TRUE/Scythe S-Flex fan.
  6. Water cooled my main components (CPU and mobo's north bridge).
    I wouldn't water cool those components that are likely to be changed often (ex: GPU).
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