Best step by step video for building a computer?

Im building my first computer i have all the parts and im pretty sure i can put it together but it would be nice to have a video to watch preferrably a newer video would be good. Just curious if anyone had links that would help. Much appreciated.
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  2. When i built my computer i just used
    But i did have basic knowledge before aswell.
  3. personally, i read Build Your Own Computers For Dummies 2009...

    it was actually pretty good, if a little dated
  4. Here is a step-by-step guide on this forum...

    Also, read through this troubleshooting guide for additional tips...
  5. cmcghee358 said:

    LOL... I didn't realize you posted my guide [:mousemonkey:5]
  6. wow these are great resouces i dont have a anti static mat or wrist thing. What should i do in regards to that? i have hardwood floor downstairs, but i my room i have carpet.
  7. Build on the wood floor and move to the carpet once completed. This will help with your static concerns. Also, during your build don't forget to touch your case to remove any possible static build up.
  8. Actually if you take the time to watch all the videos provided, this is probably one of the better 'how to build' videos available on youtube . This will get you through it without much difficulty, have a friend that you can call if you get stumped along the way.
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