How to separate wireless (wifi) from LAN

I have a network of computers that share an internet connection. Here's the equipment.

linksys wrt160N wireless n router.
Netgear switch GS724T (Managed??) they call it smart, has web interface

The linksys has a wireless connection, which someone outside our organization wants access to. How can I give this person access without letting them gain access to our LAN?

I have read some things about setting up a router before a router, using a different ip address like

I have also seen routers like the D-link DIR-855 XTREME N DUO MEDIA ROUTER which supports wireless for guests? not sure what that means.

Any input is appreciated, I need to order whatever equipment soon, or make my equipment do it. I already talked to linksys, they sent me to cisco, which told me they thought the linksys would work.....


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    I assume you mean provide Internet access only.
  2. Thank you for that, I ordered the d-link....
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