D-link wireless cardbus connection speed slower than ethernet connecti

d-link wireless cardbus connection speed slower than ethernet connection

I get a full 2.5Mbit connection speed via direct cable connection but via wireless D-Link Airplus G650, I get about 1/3 the speed. If I start another d'load I get 1/3 as well and the third d'load at 1/3. Total full bandwidth.
Looks like the connection is being throttled to 800lk per d'load. A single d'load only goes at 800-1000 kbit. I have tried everything I can think of to get the full bandwidth on 1 d'load connection - without success.. Any ideas...

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  1. As it's wireless you may have to accept a 50% cut in speed (due to duplex operation).
    The other percentage is probably due to range or interference.

    Raise the router above furniture level. Experiment with channels (performance varies according to environment). If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi choose a channel 5 stops from strongest.

    Relocate cordless phone base, video sender etc away from router or computer.
  2. Er no. there is no problem with any loss of performance. Eg. If I set a SINGLE d'load going via the cat5 I get 2.5Mbit. If I use the wireless instead I get about 800kbit for one d'load but if I set 3 d'loads going - each one is about 800kbit, total - 2.5Mbit. It looks like something is arbitrating the connection and dividing the connection down ... With the cat5 I get this but if I stop one d'load the other 2 speeds go up, if I stop the 2nd - the speed of the remaining one goes up to 2.5Mbit, as you would expect.. This doesn't happen with the wireless connection...

  3. Well, I'm as stumped as you. But the suggestions I've made can't do any harm (except to domestic harmony, I suspect).
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