Transfer RAID-0 Array?

OK , Thank you, I have an Alienware machine, about 6 years old. I upgraded various things including the motherboard, vidio cards , and ram. Everything is running fine with two old drives set up in a "0 RAID" configuration using 2 500G drives for total of 1 TB. Problem? I'd like to replace the two drives with new ones, maybe 1TB each to double my capacity and speed up data access BUT then HOW do I transfer the data from my OLD 0 RAID pair of drives to the NEW one's?
Any suggestion would be appreciated
John Agee :o
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  1. Well the best way of doing this is move the data to another computer and then back (after installing the new drives) or use an external hdd

    honestly using an external might be a good idea just so you also have a drive you can backup the data to
  2. 2 ways you can do it... like mindless728 mentioned could be a way, and another way is taking the 2 new drives and setting them up as a seperate volume, and then transfering the data

    if you don' have a method of installing the 2 new drives, your only option is above or an external drive to mode the data
  3. Another way might be to buy only one 2TB drive and a SDD to increase data security and speed dramatically. And you can install that in parallel to your RAID0 and transfer the data. ;)
  4. :) Well first of all, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on this forum, I posted my question and within 20 minutes had over a dozen reads and 3 potential answers!!! THANK you guys and/or girls. Yes I CAN and would remove the old 2 drive 0 RAID array and replace them with the new drives. I even remember years ago transferring from ONE drive to a new one by moving it around from slave to master and copying the data that way but, obviously, this is TWO drives so I am stumped by how to go about jury rigging them together so that I could copy the old drives , I guess I would have to set them up as RAID 0 first??? Thank you all very much for your suggestions. I DO have an outboard drive that I use for regular backups, but I fail to understand how the "striped" data can just nestle together on a SINGLE drive
    I know, I'm the worst brand of enthusiast
    I love the learning and experimenting
    but, like a collander, everything I learn seems to run down the plug hole every week or two
    All your thoughts on this are appreciated ,
    Thanks Again
    Blindjohn :pt1cable:
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