Gtx 260 vs ati 5770.

Hello guys,

i am going to upgrade my system and want to know which card is better between gtx 260 and ati 5770. i am just looking for the best performence and not for the price.

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  1. Another vote for HD5770... :)
  2. HD 5770. +1
  3. +1 for Timop's synopsis
  4. +10 for HD5770 :)
  5. The GTX260 216 is probably a bit faster, but I'd still get the 5770. Its not that much slower, and the lower power draw, heat, and DX11 push it ahead.
  6. I'd get the 5770 because it has directx11 and GDDR5 memory. It also has more stream processors. I'm a big fan of ATI cards vs. NVidia.
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