Blue screen of death

Hello, I've built a new PC, Here's the Configurations:

CPU : AMD Phenom II x4 955
CPU fan : Cooler Maser hyper 212 plus
MB : MSI 870 G45
Memory: 4gb ddr3 Corsair XMS 3 @ 1600
VGA : MSI GTX570 factory overclocked @ 780mghz shaders, can't remember the exact speed of the memory though
PSU: (that was a bit old one, been used for a couple od months) OCZ StealthXtream 600w
Case: NZXT M59
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

now the problem is, i get the blue screen of death stating :dumping physical memory and then the PC restarts. I usually get this screen upon windows startup, I tried re-installing windows, the problem was solved for a while, and then hit back again. I tried switching the memory modules, it fixed the issue for a while, then it hit back again, I tried replacing the memory entirely with 2 other modules, again things worked for a bit and hit back again. I tried replacing the PSU with a stronger one (850w antec truepower), still things didn't work. I tried altering memory setting on the bios between 1333 & 1600, still the same thing. I tried updating the bios, still. Every thing that I try solves the issue for a while, and then it hit back again.
I get this error occasionally, after any change that i do the pc works fine for a while, and then it starts having that screen for like 25% of startups. I never encountered the issue whenever i'm loading the system (prime 95, crysis @ max setting). And lately I have issues of stability during casual usage. For instance, Internet Explorer crashes, MSN messanger, gadgets and even destop manager crashes. I'm getting nuts here and would very much appreciate your help on the issue.
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  1. Check the memory. It may be the motherboard having memory problems. (Sounds like it to me, but may not be.) What is the error code on the blue screen?
  2. It restarts too fast that i can't catch the error code, and would you please explain what do you mean with check the memory ? also I did try other memory modules and it didn't solve the problem
  3. Use Memtest86+. To stop it rebooting, press F8 before Windows starts to load.
  4. I'll try this program as soon as I get back to home. However I think we have a little misunderstanding here, the blue screen appears during the loading of windows, the F8 will pause before the windows loading initiates and will give me options on safe mode, etc while we the pause is needed on the bluescreer to catch the error code
  5. Sounds like an issue with your memories voltage or timings.

    Please download cpu-z and post us your memory and SPD tabes from the program.

    If you have 1.65v memory and your running it at 1.5v, that COULD be a problem, especially if the timings and speeds are wrong.
  6. Yes, I needed to add to select the option to not reboot on errors after pressing F8. You could try using the Pause key on the keyboard while the blue srceen is there, but I don't know if it would work.
  7. ok, I couldn't run Memtest86+ cause I don't have a DVD rom right now. However I could run CPU-Z and get the memory and SPD tables, here they are:

    Type : DDR3
    Channels : Dual
    Size : 4096 mb
    DC Mode: Unganged
    NB frequency: 2000.1 MHZ
    DRAM frequency: 800.1 MHZ
    FSB: DRAM : 1.4
    CL : 9.0 clocks
    tRCD: 9 Clocks
    tRP: 9 Clocks
    tRAS: 24 Clocks
    tRC: 41 Clocks
    CR : 1T

    for the SPD tables (I'll pick the ones i think they matter, correct me if i'm missing something please):

    Max Bandwidth: PC3-10700h (667 MHZ)
    SPD Ext: XMP

    JEDEC #3 : 666MHZ, 9.0, 9,9,24,34 ,(CR not available), @ 1.5V
    XMP-1600: 800MHZ, 9.0,9,9,24,41,2t (CR), 1.65 v
  8. Can you verify in your bios that the dimm voltage is set to 1.65v?
  9. the voltage in the bios is set to 1.67v, what's really strange is that i can't set it to 1.65v, it's either 1.67, 1.63, 1.60,1.57,1.55,1.5, would setting the memory to 1.5v at a speed of 1333 solve it ?

    sorry for the late reply, been busy with work :)
  10. Wouldn't hurt to try it.
  11. So did you find the bluescreen code?
  12. ok, I will try setting the memory speed to 1333 & voltage to 1.5v, I find it extremely weird that the motherboard doesn't have an option to set the voltage to 1.65v

    Anyway, I couldn't catch the code again, but I could catch a file name that's probably causing the problem, It's nvlddmkm.sys. I've done some researches and apparently it's a problem with Nvidia drivers (although i'm using the latest drivers). There are some guys on Nvidia forums reporting the same problem and some actually are suggesting a solution by replacing that specific file, I'll try to work on their steps and let you guys informed with how it went
  13. I would use driversweeper to get rid of all your Nvidia drivers, reboot, then download and install the latest.
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