Migrating OS (SSD) & System Reserved (HDD) to a 128gb SSD

So heres what happened.

I had first installed windows 7 Pro 64-bit on a HDD on my first computer
Then a couple months ago, i bought a 60Gb OCZ Vertex 3 SSD for better boot speed, and installed windows 7 onto it
Something went wrong with that installation - I didnt pre partition the drive,
So with the first OS on the HDD still connected to the system, i reinstalled windows 7 to the SSD
I installed a bunch of games and programs to the SSD and then tried to disconnect the first HDD
After a couple boot problems i realised that the System Reserved partition had remained installed on the HDD and never installed on the SSD, eventhough Windows 7 was installed on the SSD

I decided to leave it the way it was because Bandwidth in Canada is expensive.

the only problem is that with every boot i got the choose your operating system page which i didnt want, because there was only one OS on the computer
I was reading that in order to move the System Reserved 100mb partition from one drive to another, I needed to use Acronis True Image HD.

4 Days ago, I bought a ADATA XPG SX900 128gb ssd because it came with Arconis True Image HD.

I tried that cloning disk thing but i doesnt seem to clone specific partitions at all, so i tried the Backup and restore method.
i backed up the System Reserved 100mb partition and its MBR from the HDD, and the SSD C: Drive and its MBR

I restored everything onto the New 128gb SSD Including the MBR's (both of them), made sure the System Reserved 100mb partition was first on the disk manager partition chart and that the windows data came second

i later unplugged the HDD and 60gb SSD and tried to boot from the 128gb ssd, that didnt work, the system said to try a windows system repair disk
the message from the disk was that it did not support this version of windows 7, so i made another because i had recently upgraded to sp1
the same message came up.

so i replugged in the HDD with the System Reserved 100mb partition and 2 more partitions of games and other stuff, and the 60GB SSD with windows 7 installed on it

i rebooted my system and the startup now is as slow, if not slower than before i got my 60GB SSD.

so how do i get the System Reserved 100mb partition and C: onto the 128gb ssd to correlate and boot up properly

if that is impossible, how do i get my computer to boot as fast as it did when i first got my 60 gb SSD

and if i cant do that should just get a copy of windows 7 ultimate (i need the japanese language compatibillity and my windows 7 pro is givng me activation problems) and install it to the 128gb SSD and redownload/reinstall every program and game
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  1. ok now theres more problems. since i dont know which mbr i needed to copy to the 128gb ssd, my external hdd will no longer display as a drive i can access. The computer can recognise it, and eject it, but cant find it as a regular drive

    Anyone know how to fix that?

    actually i dont even know how the MBR could/would change if im still using the original boot drives (the hdd and the 60gb ssd) its an increasingly annoying problem
  2. :S I'm baffled but I may have a solution to your expensive Canadian bandwidth problem. Check out TekSavvy; I'm going to switch from Rogers to them after having been with both Rogers and Bell for the last decade..
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