StarCraft2: i5 760 or Phenom II X4 955/965

Hey guys;

I was reading an article by TechSpot.
I just found all the parts I wanted thanks to tomshardware forum.

I was aiming for a budget build which resulted in me choosing the AMD Phenom II X4 955 (or the 965) but as I was reading this article, I saw that it didn't perform well when there were multiple players in big battles as StarCraft 2 ate away at the CPU.

The reviewer recommended at LEAST an Intel Core i5 750 or 760 to play in those situations comfortably.

My question is should I pay an extra $85 more in order to get the Core i5 plus the 1156 motherboard or are there any other tests that may prove this one wrong. Will my current choice of the Phenom II X4 955/965 be good enough to handle the multiplayer action in StarCraft 2 well in battles and in Ultra setting?

StarCraft 2 is the main game I will play so I'm really concerned about that.

My GPU is the GTX460 1GB.

StarCraft 2 CPU Link]
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  1. i have core i5 750 at 3.6 with 5770 ati with no problems, at highest settings but i only played single player though, but had big battles with no lag, either will do just fine, whichever one is cheaper (overall system) go for it.
  2. Well i5 760 would be quite a decent CPU not only for Starcraft but also for other games as well.
  3. Intel chips scale a bit better with their Turbo boost but it's really up to you if it's worth $85.
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