Reboot on Win7 Splash Screen after upgrade to P8P67 Pro


Excuse my english it's been a while since I've been in the US

I tried to look up similar threads in the forum but I couldn't locate one that has precisely the same pb

I got yesterday my new MB P8P7Pro (I think it is Rev 3, Bios v1502 from 03/02/11) with 8Gb RAM (4*2Gb PC1600 that is on the MB's QVL). My OS is installed on a split partition OCZ Vertex 2

I already had a working Win7 install on my previous config

Problem I am having are 2-fold :

1- I tried first with only 2*2Gb in the dual channel blue slots. After a few POST problems to get the RAM correctly set up (using XMB in the BOIS) I managed to get up to win7 splash screen but it automatically reboots once the flying windows start flying in (sorry I don't know how to describe this better). I tried changing a few params in the MB and removing most non-essential devices but nothing changed.

I suspected a RAM issue but the funny thing is that I managed to boot Ubuntu on the same OCZ without any problems and I just tried a few things in Linux and had no weird crash

=> Should I investigate more the RAM issue ? I cannot figure out why I would need to reinstall Win 7 (I am using 64bit version already in my previous system) but I can, I am just looking at other possible solutions before I tackle this one...

2- I could not boot with all 8Gb installed (not event get the VGA display to start) in all slots. I cannot event access the BIOS. SHould I try to configure properly the BIOS in XMP with 4Gb and then add the extra 4 GB? I haven't tried that yet I just wanted it to boot first, just seems weird

Anyway Thanks for all the help you could provide

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  1. It may be Windoze objecting to the new motherboard. Before it starts to boot into Windows (immediately after the boot loader), press F8 and tell it not to reboot on errors or whatever it is. Then see if it gives you a blue screen. Try using the Windows DVD and selecting Repair.
  2. If you replaced your mobo, Windows won't just load normally, since it will have all the old mobo drivers. The repair option may work, but more likely you'll need to start with a fresh installation. If it still works, reinstall your old mobo long enough to generate a migration file of all your settings and back up your data. Reload that after you do the fresh installation.
  3. Thanks !

    I will try to reinstall tonight right now. The fact that Ubuntu is working might be a sign the hardware is OK

    On the second point I however still cannot boot with all 4 sticks (I have 4 identical ones), only with two of them regardless of which, I cannot event enter BIOS......

    Well I'll try reinstalling with 4gb first and will go from there

    Thanks anyway I'll keep posted
  4. Victory !!!

    Still onto the reinstall but as for the RAM I got it finally working. Actually I had to use the reset RAM button BUT not pushing it for 5s to start the auto diagnostics but just one fast click after startup. Maybe I read badly the user's manual
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