Constant Random Reboots - Please help!!

Good Evening -

I posted this in the home build section of the forums a while back but i am still having some issues. Perhaps this is a more appropriate area as i had only one (although helpful) reply. Please let me know your thought. Thanks in advance

"I built my first pc about a year and a half ago with no issues whatsoever. Now all of the sudden my computer keeps randomly rebooting. Sometimes I'll be using windows for a half hour or so with no issues until a reboot, and other times it will get itself into a cycle where it will reboot, not even finish loading the bios, and then reboot again.

I took the computer to a PC place where they did a diagnostic. They "claimed" they swapped the parts and it was either the MOBO or the CPU. Figuring the failure rate on the MOBO was much higher than the CPU I RMA'd the MOBO. After weeks of waiting and finally slapping it all back together I am seeing the same issue.

I dont think its a heat issue as I installed speedfan and temps seem to be very stable and operated usually between 50-60c when under load for all areas. I am obviously sick of the problem and dont know what to do. I could RMA the CPU but if thats not the issue its another 2 weeks and no progress. Could it be a bad power supply? I wonder if the PC place (pretty reputable within the milwaukee area) did a lazy job of actually trying to solve the problem. I dont think its a windows issue as it will sometimes reboot before even loading vista. I will see the MOBO screen and sometimes it restarts right at that.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all replies

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  1. Is the graphics card too tightly screwed in the case? I had multiple BSODs and my new system didn't start because I put the card in too tightly. Make sure the DVI/VGA/HDMI cable to your monitor is not squashed/bent etc.

    Do you get the restarts with the wireless adapter removed and do you have the latest drivers installed?

    Is the CPU seated snugly in the socket and RAM too? Try one stick of RAM if poss.
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