Computer is on but nothing comes up on monitor

okay i know there are probably similar questions like mine no doubt and i have read most of them but really nothing has helped me so far. Before i continue i will tell my specs:
i have an amd x2 250
m2n68-la mother board (narra 6)
550 W psu
radeon hd 5770 gpu
1 HDD and 1 DVD/CD drives
HAF 922 case.
This was all installed in a HP before i bought my 922 and was working fine even when i installed the 5770 gpu so i know none of my stuff is defective. The problem has started though when i moved everything over to 922 case. It took me foreveer just to put he cables on that F-Panel correctly so my pc would start. It does start, i can see the cpu fan moving and all other fans moving as well. I know the gpu card is working too since the fan is moving there unless it moves regardless of being defective or not. Nothing has changed so my psu i know is sufficient enought to run all those components.
When i try to hook up my monitor to the pc though, i cant see any anything. There is a light at the bottom of the monitor that turns green whenever the computer is on, this time though it keeps flashing red even when connected so not sure whether my pc is recognizing it or not. Also, the usb on my mobo and usb slots that came with my 922 are not working corectly. For example, i tried connecting the mouse by putting in the usb all the way in the slot but that didnt work, so i put it in partially in the slot and my mouse started working?
I am so confused as to what to do next.
YES i have read that really good topic on the steps to take to boot your computer and have followed all the directions on it but still no go.
i also want to add that i have tired resetting my bios but that still does nothing? I miss my computer and i really dont want to spend 100 bucks for someone else to fix it. I know i prob am doing someting wrong. Any ideas?
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    To clarify, you have tried breadboarding, which is running the PC outside of the case? Results??

    Your issue sounds like a short some where, meaning your motherboard is most likely touch metal it should be. I would take the motherboard back out, check for any metal exposed (sticking out) around the case are and that your stand-off's are install correctly. After that, I would reinstall the motherboard back into the PC and reconnect everything.

    You may have tried all of these above & double checked everything is plugged in and plugged in correctly but it doesn't hurt to double or even triple check.
  2. ohh boy no i didnt try the breadboarding ha! Oh well this is my first build so i really had problems installing those stand-offs. Im not really sure where they are supposed to go i just installed them near the other screws on my mobo. Ok i will do that and get back to you.
  3. If the PC boots fine outside of the case, I would say you have your stand-offs install incorrectly or not the proper amount/location so it is creating a short, which keeps the PC from starting up.
  4. ok i just did the breadboarding and it does work so then which means my standoff werent installed correctly tecmo. Thank you so much! However i do have a diagram of connecting those standoffs- i have a micro atx and apparenlty im supposed to attach to all the holes abcdefghi. The problem is i see a-h holes there is no 1 as in i only count 8 holes on my mobo even though there should be 9? what do i do now?
  5. If your motherboard has 8 connectors, you connect eight. Your motherboard manual should show you were to connect & you place the motherboard in the case to line up the stand-off's before connecting anything (sometimes the case ones don't line up or have the right amount installed)
  6. ok but wait when i took the motherboard out i saw that all my standoffs were already connected in all the 8 holes. Do you think i tightned the screws way too hard or something?
  7. Make sure your stand-off's are screwed in tight and there is no exposed medal shavings or something that could touch the board. Than try reinstalling :)
  8. wow dude you are my god lol thank you so much for your help. I have one final question though it has nothing to do with this topic tho but ill ask anyways would an amd phenom 965 go with my mobo. That cpu comes with a fan that requires 4 pins whereas my current one has 3 pins and my mobo itself has 3 pins-would that be a problem?
  9. I can not find anything that says it will support the X4 965, so my guess is it won't. As for your other question, a 4-pin connector will work on a 3-pin motherboard slot.
  10. unplug your computer and push the power button for 10 seconds.
    - oh right that resets the power supply and hopefully discharges any charge on the components that prevents the computer to boot.
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