Need to transfer files off a old hard drive

So my laptop died on me about 2 weeks ago I have the hard drive out and need to find a enclosure with the right connectors to transfer my files.

My hard drive is a Western digital 500gb laptop hard drive.

The model number is WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0

The connectors look like this,r:3,s:34,i:206

But the enclosure I just ordered came and only had pin connectors
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    The enclosure you need is SATA, when your shopping for an enclosure look for SATA as the interface.
  2. Thanks, but is there a way to get the product key off the harddrive for windows cause all the programs I've tried can't retrieve it because no admin priviledges
  3. Are you trying to copy the programs that are already installed?

    With any programs, they need to be installed in the desired OS as the installation uses the registry system and most programs won't function correctly. If your trying to recover files or installation programs (not the programs that are already installed) and Windows is preventing you from accessing those files, make sure your the administrator of the computer.. it should allow you to access the files or at least switch the privileges over.
  4. I can take the files off the drive, but I am trying to recover my windows 7 product key bit since my laptop won't function anymore the drive is still under ownership of the admin account on the,laptop so I am not able to access the system32 file etc.
  5. Usually there's a sticker on the side of your PC or on the bottom of your laptop that should give you the number. Although if your using a new PC why would you require the key? Did you do a self build and tried to use the installation/recovery disk that came with the original laptop?

    Edit: Are you trying to fix the laptop by doing a system recovery or are you looking to get something off the drive and think you need the product key to get access to certain files on the hard drive? I'm just puzzled as what would be the purpose of needing the product key on a dead laptop.
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