How good are gaming laptops

was looking on newegg and they have some wicked laptops

an asus 17in screen 1920x1080
i7 720 (1.60 gh)
8 gigs of ram
mobil 5870 (1gig dedicated memory),
500g 7200 rpm hard drive,

for 1,550 how does this compare so desktops in the same 1500 dollar price range.

depending on the performance gain of a desktop does it out way the portability.
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  1. the 5870 mobile is 70% as fast as a desktop 5870,

    the quad core is at 1.6 ghz, the desktop is at 2.8 ghz + ( EASILY overclocked to 3.6 ghz)

    ram will be faster on desktop but its not huge.

    also for 1500 you could get two 5870s and crossfire.

    I would say over all 3 times faster in games .
  2. sounds like the asus G73JH which from what iv herd is at least top 10 of any laptop its peaty cool its got a big intake vent in the middle (bottom) and 2 enormis vents with fans out the back. dont know how good they are though.
  3. besides maby alienware (which i think they just try to replace descktops) i mean who needs xfire 5870s in a laptop and all the other crap. and the price you pay for the name is a wast. that the asus g73jh series is one of the best and for there 1500-1700 price tag you cant beat that .

    without blueray i think you can get a 5870 2 500g hard drives that can be put in raid 1 or 0 and there 1080p which isnt stock on alienware. your looking at 1599.
  4. Everything else being equal, there are less problems with a desktop as compared to a laptop.
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