ATI 5970 primary and 9800GT secondary for CUDA? (for Just Cause 2)

I know you can add an Nvidia secondary for a dedicated Physx processing unit, I have done it and it works great. I was wondering if the same thing is possible for CUDA?

I have read conflicting reports, well.. most have said it is not possible and I was unable to find one person that has even tried it and confirmed whether or not this is possible.

Can an Nvidia card be used in a ATI primary rig solely for dedicated CUDA?

In this case, I am mainly interested in this for the extra graphics in Just Cause 2.


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  1. I don't think its possible.Using a Nvidia card with an ATI card is possible when you use the Nvidia card as a PhysX card and not for any other purposes
  2. The issue with JC2 is the extra graphics are a function of using CUDA on the nvidia card. It has nothing to do with using Nvidia as a Physx processor. JC2 uses Havok for its physics.

    If you run Nvidia GPU's you get extra water processing. While you can add an Nvidia GPU for Physx processing in general (for the two games that make use of that), it has zero effect in JC2.
  3. I am such a graphics whore I almost don't even want to play JC2 now. The CUDA water looks so much better! I hope this isn't a trend that Nvidia is doing... I hate when they do this exclusive crap. Physx is one thing, but nice, shiny, pristine water is another...
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