Qx6700 extreme overheating :-\ help please!

so my qx6700 is going from 45c to 80-100c as soon as i go to open anythis such as say battlefield, and its gets VERY VERY choppy! :non:

I have thus far have pulled out my MB to reset the heatsink with new thermal compound and checked the pins were secure.. added to fans and checked the circulation of the air...

removed the side panel to see if that would drop the temp to no prevail... its not overclocked @ all... fan is running @ 100%..... :fou:

i have been trouble shooting for 2 days now... and i have finally decided its time to ask the world for a little help... thanks in advance for any help.. :hello:
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  1. What programs are you using to gauge the temps? I'd recommend using a couple different ones like SpeedFan and RealTemp just to ensure that the readings you are getting aren't flukes.
  2. Stutter can be caused by alot of other things.

    1.Lack of main system ram, so windows uses the swap file on your Hd 100% slower than memory.
    2. Intel speed step is for some unknown reason Kicking in.

    As for an intel stock cooler, guessing it has push pins. I would think about getting an after market Cpu cooler.
    The amount of times people have mounted one and one corner lifts is amazing.
  3. Before getting an after market, try applying a new TIM. Maybe your TIM has dried up.

    I would say use this:
  4. I agree with Hell_Storm about the TIM. Also it could be a BMC / SDR issue, please check with updating the firmware of the mobo.

  5. I am using speedfan, core temp, and real temp, they are all the same 80-100c.. I'm going to try what you all said and I will post back shortly.. Thanks!
  6. thank you to everyone who posted, i did all of the above in addition to everything i put in my original post over once again and now im running 29-35c like right now, and when i played battlefield for 7min it didnt even hit over 49c..

    However i did also try a new cpu fan with what seemed to be stronger pushpins.. either way something in here worked and i wantd to say thank you again!
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