Motherboard does not regognise memory

i have sapertooth p67 and it dosent recognize my F3 - 12800Cl9D - 8GBXL memory ram from gskill
it recognise it only once in 8 tests and it said 1333 and not 1600 . If i buy a compatible ram from the manual of sapertooth and update the drivers of the motherboard will it recognize the ram from g skill ?
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  1. EDIT : IT says on g skill website that it is compatible but by the looks of its not
  2. Reset the cmos and or try the Memok button.
  3. i did try the memok button a lot of times
  4. i took the ram out tried it again 2 -3 tmes
  5. Reset your cmos
    go into bios
    load optimized defaults
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