GTX470. Second monitor causes idle temp to jump 20c

Does anyone else get this?

My idle temps are 46c and if I hook up a second monitor it jumps up to 66c.

Is there a way to fix this? I think it's ridiculous how much hotter the card gets in idle when theres a second monitor.
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  1. I don't know about the Fermi cards, but the same happens with the 5xxxx Radeons. If it's the same reason, it's because the card has to idle at higher clock speeds to prevent the 2nd monitor from flickering.
  2. Yeah it's because the card doesnt come out of 3d mode with the second monitor enabled.
  3. This issue was first noted by some back in March when Legit Reviews mentioned that the GTX480 did the same thing but it was supposed to have been fixed with a BIOS update (for the 480 at least).
  4. Its not a bug or issue. For 2 monitors the card needs to run at higher clocks so your monitors doesn't flicker.

    Its same for ATI. My 5850 runs at 400/1000 on idle because I have dual monitor setup. For a single monitor it should be 157/300.

    So this is normal, and its not a bug and it will not be fixed.
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