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i bought a new 2.5 TB hard drive and i want to transfer EVERYTHING from old one to the new one to the point where i can remove the old one and just use it for storage use later on. right now i have it activated as a internal storage but i want it to be my primary hard drive. am i going to have to install my windows 7 in the new hard drive and then transfer my data into the new hard drive? please give me step by step instructions and explain to me in full detail how all this works.
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  1. You don't have to re-install Windows on a new hard drive. You can "clone" the old drive on to the new one using cloning software. When the cloning is complete, swap the two drives over. Your PC should then boot into Windows from the new drive.

    When you are sure that Windows is working properly off the new drive and your data is also intact on it, you can re-format the old drive in Disk Management and use it for storage.

    There are many softwares available for cloning drive-to-drive, but the only one I can recommend is the commercial one I've been using without problems for several years: Active@ Disk Image: http://www.disk-image.net/
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