Graphics card for good movie viewing on hd but only to mid range games

hi iam after a graphics card that is good quality for movies and general use.
however i dont really play top graphics games , so basically i need a good quality card but not a chap one or a top one.
shop suggested gt240 ut even i read that this might be a little naff?
dont mind paying fair price not just mega.

likely PC set up
i7 930 2.8
4 gb mem
5000 gb HD
The EX58-UD3R mother board
23" 1080 monitor (hp2310i) already got this.

even confused about PC set up, need a upgradeable motherboard.
i have around £650-£750 for PC no monitor
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  1. What are your current PC specs? Because I doubt you'd need an i7 setup for HD movies/general use/mid-range games. An i5 750 2.66GHz system should be more than enough.
  2. well current pc is so old 2 ghz single core 1/2 gb mem , fx5600 graphics card and a hampster that powers it . hehe . i do wanna convert dvd to avi etc and dont wanna under do spec.
    well i will take a look but all very confusing even i5's and i7 have different cache details etc
  3. I would go i5 with a Radeon HD 5770. That card should really be powerful enough for your needs.
  4. go with an i7 860( you don't need an 920 plus 860 is faster) and go with an 5850
    just to make your computer last a couple of years
  5. The i5-750 is generally the best value for the money for the current Intel chips. It is also LGA1156 instead of LGA1366 which means the selection of motherboards will be cheaper as well. Also LGA1366 processors are triple channel so you will want either 3 or 6 gigs of ram. 4 gigs is fine for the LGA1156 processors as they are dual channel.
    As for a video card your resolution is quite high which requires a powerful card. Basically at that resolution an HD5850 would be great, and an HD5770 would be good. An HD5750/HD4850/GTS 250 will be ok if gaming isn't really a priority and you can live with medium settings on the more intensive current games. For one of those I would recommend getting a crossfire and/or SLI motherboard so you can double up if/when you decide it is necessary.
  6. hi
    thanks for your suggestions so far, i will have a read up and price them up to.
    I welcome any more combinations
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