Still cant run games at max settings!

Well its been a few months since ive switched from the nVidia Geforce 9600GT to a Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Toxic 2GB, and i still dont undestand why i cant run my games at max settings!, i mean its like ive never even changed my graphic card. With the 9600 games ran smoothly almost at max settings, since ive got the new graphic card, i can play games at the same setting as the 9600, but no more than that, if not it starts to lkinda lag. I still dont undestand why. I think it maybe my computer, specs arent that good, i have Intel Core 2 Duo e7300, Kingston 2GB ram and Asus P5Sd2-vm. Can the processor be the problem?, i mean it has only 2 cores, i dont know if that could be it. Or maybe the drivers arent too good, but im not sure. If someone could help me out on this, im really pissed off, spending 500 bucks on a graphic card that isnt that great.
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  1. The CPU is ur bottleneck here... also what is the rating of ur PSU ? Just asking to be certain.
  2. E7300 at stock speed? what is your current speed?

    Add another 2 GB of RAM will helps a lot... :)
  3. i dont know how to check the rating of the psu and i dont know how check the current speed of the E7300. Tell me how to look for that and ill tell you guys.
  4. Well, for PSU, just open your case and see it for yourself, there's a sticker on your PSU, read it...

    For CPU, just write "dxdiag" on search tab...
    Or My Computer -> properties
  5. ^Ddxdiag on "Run" tab ;)

    +1 for 2GB RAM upgrade.
    Overclocking your CPU will also help.
    What's your monitor's native resolution?
  6. More RAM (4GB is standard these days) should help, but that CPU is getting a bit on the old side. Might want to save up and dump a quad in there at some point...
  7. Also it depends what you mean by max settings. Over 4xAA is very tough for GPUs to handle in high quality games. I have 2 5850s and Crysis runs great at 2xAA with Very High settings 1920x1080, however, at 4xAA there's lag, particularily when zooming in the FPS drop dramatically. But, with 2xAA the game runs 50+ fps. And there's no perceptible difference to me.

    But as these people stated, you're most likely running into a CPU bottleneck. I did FurMark tests with single vs crossfire and at 1280x1080 the gains were very marginal, only about 5fps. At 1920x1080, it showed an 88% improvement. The reason being, at lower resolution the CPU was bottlenecking so a single card could output as much as 2.
  8. 1) What game(s) are you playing?
    2) What resolution do you play at?
    3) For Gaming you need to have 4GB of RAM so you're not using the hard drive for data swaps.
    4) What is the clock speed on your E7300? (If you don't know, it's probably stock speed of 2.66Ghz still).

    All this information will helps folks assist you better. If you're playing at a low resolution, FPS in games is related more to your CPU than the GPU. At higher resolutions, things are more related to GPU performance. In short, if you play at say 1280x1024 resolution, the GPU is actually working at a slow speed because it's job is too easy, and it's having to wait around for the CPU to catch up with things. Where as playing at 1920x1080 resolution would actually force the GPU to work harder due to more graphical details, while the CPU is still doing basically the same work load.

    Depending on what game(s) you're playing, the clock speed of your CPU could be a problem. Also, some new games (Bad Company 2 is a great example) actually perform a bit better with Quad Core processors as opposed to dual-core. Again, it all depends on what you're playing.
  9. If you are getting basically the same performance with the HD5870 then I'm guess you have a low resolution monitor(1280x1024 or below.) At that resolution the 9600GT is pretty good and it was your CPU holding you back so you upgraded the wrong thing. That you don't know the speed of the processor means you are likely using it at stock which is 2.66ghz. That's not terrible but also not good and at low resolutions I can see it causing what you are saying in the more CPU intensive games. If you are using a higher resolution (1680x1050 or above) then something else is going on because even with your processor the HD5870 should be much better than the 9600GT.
  10. Sure, but what processor were you using?
  11. the games im currently playing are bad company 2, f.e.a.r 2 and red faction guerilla. The speed of the processor is 2.66gHz, i never changed anything about it and my resolution is 1920x1080. I actually changed my graphic card first because my 9600gt broke, so i had no choice but to change it, if not i would be able to play anything.
  12. RedMonarch said:
    the games im currently playing are bad company 2, f.e.a.r 2 and red faction guerilla. The speed of the processor is 2.66gHz, i never changed anything about it and my resolution is 1920x1080. I actually changed my graphic card first because my 9600gt broke, so i had no choice but to change it, if not i would be able to play anything.

    And that's a duo core? I have an i5 750 which is 2.66ghz stock but quad core. Still, FurMark only runs 1 core and so I can tell you that you will indeed see some fps boost by OCing it even just a little, and that was with a 5850, and a 5870 is a good bit better. Could be worthwhile if you're interested. Maybe try getting 4gb ram and OC the CPU at least 3.2ghz and see what happens.
  13. Well in Bad Company 2 your E7300 is going to hold back your ATI 5870. That game in particular, shines with a Quad Core processor (or at least a very fast Dual-Core). Dual-Core @ 2.66Ghz is going to become a limiting factor there.

    At 1920x1080 you should be able to max out all graphical settings with the games you mentioned and see 60+ FPS. Keep in mind, if you have your game settings to "Enable VSync" you'll see a maximum of 60FPS due to your monitor limiting it through VSync.

    Also, those types of games really should be played with 4GB of RAM. Otherwise your 2GB of RAM will be utilized 100% and will be forced to swap data back and forth with your hard drive. This will then become the limiting factor, causing all other components to stop and wait for data to be fed into the system.

    Modern gaming needs 4GB as a standard. :)
  14. I know my computer specs arent that good, but when my graphic card broke i knew i had to buy something that would last a while, i also knew that everything else would just hold back the graphic card. Im only 17 so my budget depends on what my parents give me, so ill try to upgrade the processor, the ram and the mobo, but it will take some time. I also tried using max setting on my games but with 1280x960, and the lag kinda disappears, but of course its not the same as 1980x1080.
  15. Yeh, your CPU is a large bottleneck. I'd recommend a quad for for the 5870.

    In the meantime, overclock your E7300 to 3.6GHz or so - it is very overclockable and you should get to 3.66GHz without much trouble (1GHz overclock) and even 4.0GHz with good enough air cooling. An overclocked E7300 should eliminate a good deal of your bottlenecks.
  16. Is there any easy way to overclock the E7300, i really have no idea how to overclock it. My case isnt that big, its a mid tower, and the CPU overclocked is gonna generate a lot of heat, i dont know if my case can handle it, besides theres a fan that isnt even working. (god my computer computer sucks in everyway XD, except for the GPU)
  17. Mid tower is fine. Overclocking CPUs don't generate that much heat, and a 45nm dual core that you have will only be negligibly hotter. Yes, a mid tower is perfectly fine. Even a small tower case will be fine for overclocking a dual core.

    Even if you're on stock cooling, a 45nm Wolfdale core CPU such as yours can overclock quite nicely.

    You overclock in BIOS. There are plenty of guides online - just google "overclock e7300 guide" or any of the e7x00 series since the procedure is the same.
  18. I dunno, even with a 2.66ghz c2d the HD5870 should kick a 9600GTs ass at 1920x1080, especially with AA/AF turned up. BF:BC2 and Red Faction are very cpu intensive though so maybe.
    In any case overclock in the cpu is certainly a good idea and it should be very safe and relatively easy. The c2d chips in general have a huge amount of OC headroom and especially on the wolfdales it shouldn't raise temps much. Some of the guides will make it sound much more complicated than it is because they are about OCing to the limit of your processor which is going to be in the 3.8-4.0 ghz area in your case but I wouldn't recommend that, especially on the stock cooler. Something like 3.5ghz should be fine though and very easy to achieve with a minor increase in voltage. Pretty much all you are doing is increasing the front side bus(fsb) and when necessary boosting the voltage a tiny bit. Your cpu's multiplier is 10 and the stock fsb is 266 mhz. You multiply them for the speed(10 x 266 mhz = 2.66 ghz) Start off by increasing the fsb to 300 mhz which should bring it up to 3 ghz and probably wont need a voltage increase at all. Maybe try for 3.33 ghz next and so on but over 3 ghz you will probably need to bump up the core voltage very slightly.
  19. Also, did you properly uninstall the Nvidia drivers before installing the HD5870?
    I would recommend uninstalling all of your drivers, both Nvidia(if they are still there) and ATI. Then reboot in safe mode and run driver sweeper;
    Then reboot and install the latest Catalyst Control Center from the AMD site.
  20. Quote:
    i am using intel q9550 stock.

    That's got a higher stock speed as well as twice as many cores so it's not exactly comparable.
    You should OC too btw. It's easy, very effective and there is no real reason not to. It will help, especially in games that aren't highly multi-threaded and only use one or two cores.
  21. About the Nvidia drivers, i still have them. But if i uninstall the ATI drivers wouldnt that cause some kinda problem with the monitor or something like that?. If i unnistall the drivers from the control panel, that'll do the trick?, or do i need some kind on program to do it?.
  22. If you never uninstalled the Nvidia drivers that likely is actually the main issue. Like I said uninstall all the drivers(in add/remove programs) -> reboot in safe mode -> driver sweeper -> reboot and install latest CCC. Windows has its own drivers for basic video card functions that will handle things until you install the new drivers. Those drivers are what it uses in safe mode actually which is why you boot in safe mode to remove the real drivers fully. Download the latest CCC before doing this stuff so you have it ready to install.
  23. Ok thanks jyjjy, ill give it a try, ill let you know when im done.
  24. Ok i just deleted the Nvidia drivers and reinstalled the ATI ones, but for some reason the Nvidia drivers keep showing on the driver sweeper program, but they dont haver anything inside them, so they must have been deleted. And they keep showing on the control panel , but for some reason i cant uninstall them. Anyway i think everythng wet fine. Thnaks for all the help guys
  25. When you used add/remove programs to uninstall them it should have removed the Nvidia drivers from the list but as long as they are no longer around it shouldn't be an issue.
    The question is did it fix the problem? The processor will still limit you on more CPU intensive games until you overclock it but there should certainly be a noticeable difference now from an 9600GT at your resolution.
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