Power supply??

I need some advice on a good power supply.
My system is:
cpu: phenom II x4 965
Mobo: biostar ta790gx a+3 5.x
GPU: sapphire 5870 1gb
Mem: crucial ballistix 8gb (4x2gb) pc3 12800 1600mhz
HD: samsung spinpoint 500 gb 7200 rpm sata 2

The mother board has a JATXPWR3 8-pin for the processor and the hd 5870 needs 2 6-pin connectors itself!
I appriciate any advice thanks!
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  1. minix69 said:

    I would say:


    Although yours is also 80+ Bronze certified. So it should be good. I just prefer the reliability of Seasonic and Corsair brands. Both have 52A on their Rails. But the Raidmax has only 44A.
  2. Newegg also has the antec earthwatts 650w for $65 after rebate. Coolermaster and lifetime are not as good quality wise.
  3. But isn't that a bit too expensive? If you're ok with it then you can go for it. But the Seasonic one offers the same specs at lower cost. So that would be a better choice. No point paying the extra $20-$30 for just a modular one.
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    minix69 said:

    That's perfect and modular psu's are the way to go if the price is right.
  5. Not Raidmax. Practically anything but Raidmax.

    I work in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, here, Raidmax is an average power supply.
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