Cant connect to shared Hard Drive

heres the setup:
nfts hd on mac os x lion with read write drivers installed for the nfts format
workgroup name on both windows and mac is the same"WORKGROUP"
both are on same local network
shared on mac using smb and with username and password in mac database that was entered on windows 7 to gain access to majority of shared components

i was able to access all of the mac hd which was actually kinda scary, and i was able to even access a external backup drive.

when i try to click on any of the shared folders as well as the whole drive shared on the network from my mac i get an error saying
"Windows can not access \\computers name\\(folder/drive)
check the spelling of the name. otherwise there might be a problem with your network" error code:0x80070035
the network path was not found.
its a 3 tb hd and i would prefer not to format it becuase 2 tbs have been used and i would prefer not to have to transfer it to variosu other devices and then back
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  1. Are all the Hdd's in a GUID format?
  2. no its an mbr(master boot record) if needed can i convert without deleting all my files if so how?
  3. I'm not real familiar with the light side, but from my understanding a Mbr (Windows Unit) can not read GUID - fact.

    And I think Mac can read MBR but there are restrictions... I had a client use a MBR for a Mac to retrieve data, and the Mac apparently prompted for a request to format the Hdd to a GUID format.. he selected format.. and then retrieved the data... but the Hdd would not even show up at all on a windows unit, so the hdd had to be cleaned and then formatted back to MBR, and the data was lost.... /cry

    I wound suggest backing the data up (because the data is not fussy on the hdd format) and changing all drives to the GUID format and then wack all your data back on the GUID hdd's
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