Gtx 465 vs hd 5830

I want to buy new vga card but I can't decide between gtx 465 or hd 5830 hd5830 is lower price but I want to know which one is more valuable.
(I use 3d max and editind movie)
Thank you for the answer
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  1. 5830 I'd say. Those new gtx's are overrated heat generators and power consumers.
  2. Battle of the two WORST price for performance cards on the market....

    Probably depends what your willing to spend.

    Most people wouldn't recommend either card right now. If money is an issue, grab a 5770, or save some more and get a 5850/470.

    But if your set on those 2... if you can only afford the 5830, get that. If you can swing the 465, grab it.
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