SSD/RAMDISK options?

Motherboard: Z68 GEN 3 PRO 3
CPU: Current: I3 2130 @ 3.4GHz Coming soon: Intel I5 2500K 3.3GHZ
Case: Coolermaster
CPU Cooler: Current: Stock cooler Coming soon: HYPER 212
GPU: Current: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560 Coming soon: 2x Crossfire Radeon HD 7850's
HDD: Hitachi 500GB Coming soon: Samsung 256GB 830 SSD

Okay so I'm planning to do some upgrades to my currently shitty PC that cost me a basic $600 last year. I don't know that much about computers but certainly enough to learn as i go. What i have in mind from doing a little research is dedicating 8GB of ram to a Ramdisk to cache my HDD + hold a couple of my more frequently used games while having my OS installed primarily on the SSD.

Is this possible with software like fancycache? + is it even worth making the ramdisk at all? I'm looking for the best of both worlds and would appreciate some guidance in the right direction.

Also one other thing, will i need to upgrade my PSU/ need any form of cooling other than the 212 cpu cooler? I have space on my case for 2 top mounted exhaust fans, 1 front mount intake fan and 1 bottom mount intake fan and 2 side panel exhaust/intake fans but i don't think my MOBO supports that many? If it doesn't ill just buy a PSU with direct fan inputs but im curious to know other solutions. Thanks in advance.
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  1. nobody?
  2. Why don't you just wait till you get the SSD? It will make your system feel much faster. Doing a cache for a HDD isn't going to make it feel much faster being the HDD is probably what is slowing down the feel of your system.
  3. Yeah I'm sure the SSD will give me a huge improvement but I might as well do both? seeing as it wont cost anything extra.
  4. Why not use 60GB of the SSD for SRT of the spinning disk, and the another 180GB or so for your OS, and applications of choice that you just always want to run quickly?

    P.S. Windows will already use unused memory for hard drive cache, no need to force RAM in to a RAM drive and assign it using software, just let windows do it's thing.

    P.P.S. No on the PSU upgrade, it will work fine.
  5. You do realize that if you use an SSD to cache a HDD you are still going to be limited by the speeds of the HDD?
  6. One thing I seems to had read is that RAM discs can be pretty handy in storing the temp files of browsers and windows. Also, many do recomment coupling SSD HDD's with a RAM disc as the frequent cache writing to SSD can degrade performance(SSD writing technique is not similar to mechanical HDD, they dont like 'rewrites' in generall(TRIM)).

    But my question would be(as u have plans to install games on RamDisc rather than temp files), would it be worth to have a slow booting PC(and slow to shutdown) to improve on gaming experience.....???(Also 8GB is not enough for many of the games too).

    I donno about "fancycache". Heard only about Super Speed RamDisk(paid) and DataRam's Ramdisk(updo 4GB free).
    Also use a 64 bit OS.
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