There are two pc's i want to compare...just tell which is better?

Intel Dual-Core 2.5ghz
2 gig RAM DDR2
320 GB HDD
Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT 1GB
Intel DG31PR mobo

Intel Core 2 Duo OC'ed at 3.8 ghz.
2 gig RAM DDR2
320 GB HDD
Ati 4350 HD 1GB
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  1. I pick "B".

    1. Core 2 duo is a specific design dual core processor, and is designed to be slightly more efficient than the dual core.

    2. The clock speed is higher.
  2. depends what youre gonna use it for. pc A has a faster graphics card, so far gaming id say that one. pc B has a faster processor so for everyday jobs id say that one, cuz with a slower graphics card the faster CPU wont do you much good for gaming
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