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Can my Sony Vaio Laptop Model PCG-7112L that currently has 2MB of RAM be upgraded to 3MB of RAM? Please help. My daughter has to run a software program at school that requires 3MB of RAM to run and I need to to decide if I need to buy her a new computer or upgrade the one she has. Mike in Houston
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  1. It appears the computer will hold 4gb of ram. 3gb will be see by a 32 bit os.
    If you install a 64 bit os the USB drivers won't work. See below:
    What program will she be using?
    My guess she could probally use a processor upgrade as well!
    Now, your model mnumber is incomplete. see below: &PRODTYPE=32,33,63,71,7,102,26,80,72,44,55,27,84,74,57,61,103,89,10,35,78,48,77,106,29,50,39,64,12,58,41,81,52,60,45,101,66,73,86,76,62,54,67,70,68,2,17,1,88,100,82,25,28,83,69,59,49,24,104,53,79,42,22,46,13,105,6,85,3,36,51,9,47,38,4,34,37,43,5
    It should have a VGNNR followed by numbers. Please post complete model number with the program to be used and others will help.
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