Considering an SSD Upgrade, Need Opinions

Alright so here's the deal guys; I'm on a bit of a cosmetic overhaul following a larger build overhaul. I'm thinking about upgrading my SSD (OCZ Vertex 2 120GB), and I'm wondering if there's any on the market whose performance will be that much better than my own. If I end up getting a new SSD, I also plan to upgrade to 256GB.

So if you guys think it's worth it the two I've considered so far are the OCZ Vertex 4 (read good things) or the Samsung 830 (it's a little bit pricier, but if it's really THAT much better I'd consider it). I know people have said OCZ doesn't have the best reputation for reliability but I've never had a single issue that I think was attributed to this SSD, so that's definitely a vote of confidence. Click and vote up top! And if you think there's another I should consider please comment which one so I can do some more reading (I know some people like the crucial m4's)
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  1. Samsung 830 < stable,reliable and a proven choice......
  2. Would love to get more input from people, only 2 votes so far and it just splits it...Area51reopened do you think there will be a noticeable performance gain from upgrading?
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