Thinking about upgrading my mobo + CPU to sandy bridge on a budget

Currently, I have a Gigabyte ep45-ud3p (rev 1.6) and a quad core 2 intel cpu (2.4ghz). I just bought the vertex 3 ssd but my mobo only has SATA II 3gb ports and I need SATA III 6gb ports to fully utilize my new ssd so I figure I might as well upgrade everything. Oh yeah, my current video card is a 2gb Radeon HD 6950 and I don't think I'll be running dual video cards anytime soon.

Here is what I'm currently considering:


As far as RAM goes, I'll probably buy any DDR3 2x2gb that's at a decent price and has good reviews. Just wondering if what I picked out are good picks as far as upgrading. Thanks!
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  1. Great choices. I had not seriously looked at that particular Asrock MB before, being more into ATX boards for the convenience and airflow, but that is a feature packed board for the money and the 2400 would suit it well.

    You know that board is out of stock right now.

    Here is some nice RAM
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