Hp computer wont power up

Looking for power up issue help please.
Attempted to put comp. in to sleep mode by pressing keyboard button. Nothing happened.
Went to windows xp start button and hit standby, nothing happened. Did this again and still nothing happened. Then shut down computer through windows shut down menu. Computer shut off. Next morning I attempted to turn computer on with on button. Nothing happened. It appeared that that was no power. There was power going to computer power supply. Eventually checked power supply with meter and by jumping socket prongs with socket disconnected from mother board and was getting proper voltages. I’m not sure but it appears that computer might be stuck in standby mode or something like that.
Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes. HP a1250N, 24 pin socket, micro star 7184 ver.1 motherboard. Hipro D3057F3R power supply. I have also tried to power up with HD drive disconnected and other hdware disconnected.
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  1. So you have the main power 3.3, 5, 12, and -12 volt lines. And you have the always on 5 volt standby power, yes?

    What is the PowerOK signal (gray wire, pin 8) doing? It should go from 0 volts to 5 volts the moment you press that case power switch. If it doesn't, you PSU is bad.

    If the PowerOK is present, then:
  2. thanks
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