CrossFire/General GPU Problem

Hey guys,

OS x32 Xp Home.
Q6600 running at stock.
2 X1950 Pro in crossfire.
4gb Ram Corsair, (3 only supported atm due to driver conflictions in x64vista)
Foxconn X38 ddr3 board.
7200RPM 500GB Hardrive.

The problem:

I bought the pc to play WoW and it did so very well at 60 fps maxed (vsync enabled) everywhere, even In major towns with 20+ people the lowest the fps dipped to was mid/low 50's.
Problem is recently I have been getting really weird fps drops from 60 to 30fps, even in the least graphical intense zones.
It happened once about a week ago, the fps drops to 30 and the game starts lagging and stays at 30fps.
I decided to re-install wow, it done the trick for a while but now it's back and it wont go away.

My first thought is the primary of my 2 GPUs might be dead, being that wow does not support crossfire.
To check this, I did play the F.E.A.R 2 Demo to make sure crossfire was working when I first got the pc and I got around a solid 60fps, with CF enabled and a 25/30fps without.
Now when playing FEAR 2, I have the same fps as before with one card even with CF enabled.

I was going to just switch the cards around and get a replacement since I only use one when playing Wow. But now I'm stumped because crossfire obviously isn't working, so I'm wondering if the primary OR secondary is faulty too.

Removing the chipset and drivers then re-installing the latest drivers from the ATI page DID do the trick, I noticed a massive fps increase.
But unfortunately on reboot, it reverted back to the way it was before.
Here's some screen shots:

Just after removing drivers and putting them back on:

After reboot:

GPU Temps:

As you can see, it looks to me as if one card is not working, resulting in half the fps.
This is exactly what happened on WoW also, but only using ONE of the two cards since wow doesn't support crossfire.
As to CPU usage, I have not installed anything besides games/AVG and drivers on the system since putting the OS on.
The only processes that are running in task manager are drivers, avg and the regular normal core system files. So I'm pretty sure there is nothing taxing the CPU.
Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    You mentioned that when you installed the latest drivers it gave you a great boost,but after a restart you had problems,so try doing a fresh install of windows and install the drivers again see what happens.
    Also have you tried checking the performance of both card in single mode ? take one out and test the other one and check how much FPS they each give
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I'm going to try and install a fresh X64Bit Vista copy onto my pc as I think I have found a way around my Wlan driver confliction error, which subsequently stopped me using Vista in the first place.

    If all fails, I'll try each card like you said and I'll post my results.
  3. Let us know how it goes
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