New WD VR 1TB drive is making a lot of noise

Is that normal? Sorry for vid quality but the sound is the most important part, not the video itself.... after a bit I run the WD hard drive tool and it makes a very weird noise....I just got this HDD from newegg 2 days ago.

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  1. I use the 2.5 inch version and yes they are loud.
  2. Hi Kazy, & welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Can't really tell from the UTube what is HDD noise. The title indicated it is a Veloci-Raptor 10,000 RPM drive.
    The clicking noise I heard at the start of the clip is not a normal finding, usually means trouble.

    Here is a website that permits you to listen to all the abnormal sounds HDD make, for comparison, and what they mean:

    After comparing "sounds", I'd either just call WD directly, Tele # 800-275-4932 , and talk to them about it (they will record the drive Model and SN), or just send it back for a warranty replacement from NewEgg.
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